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SparK Room1.0 Casual Style
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      With the continuous development of China's economic level, the demand for leisure and entertainment is also increasing. The role of leisure and entertainment space has changed a lot, and the content it covers has also become rich, and it has become a good place for people to relax after work and eliminate fatigue.

      Spark Room is equipped with a game console, LCD TV, camera stick, ventilation system, air conditioning, sun shade curtains, and special material design to create a warm and comfortable living environment in winter and summer. In Spark Room, not only can you chat with friends over coffee, but you can also play in a team to fight a king and eat chicken.

      Spark Room1.0 is a modular installation that can be quickly disassembled, removable, and very convenient. Spark Room1.0 is mainly made of imported PC panels, which can be carried and hit, with high transparency, energy saving and environmental protection, and long shelf life. The skeleton, top and bottom are made of high-strength aluminum alloy profiles, which are windproof and snowproof, moisture-proof and anticorrosive, environmentally friendly and harmless, with no formaldehyde odor, high safety and strong protection.

     Aluminium is one of the building materials with environmental protection, energy saving and high recovery rate in the world. Aluminum building materials are durable, moisture-proof and anticorrosive, environmentally friendly and harmless, without formaldehyde odor. Aluminum can be recycled. Aluminum column through the star empty room energy saving and low carbon, instead of the past reinforced concrete, pure wood, light steel and other material restrictions, the construction process is low carbon and energy saving.

    Spherical structure design, so that its stability is enhanced, the overall structure is safer. Because of its unique and beautiful shape, changeable use style, make this product highlights the unique charm of the brand, make it become the first choice of high-end users.

    Spark Room1.0 has double doors for natural air in and out. It is warm in winter and cool in summer. There is also a comfortable sofa and coffee. It can be used in scenic spots, homestays, star-rated hotels, villas, commercial complexes, coffee shops, hot springs, outdoor hotels, camping, agricultural sightseeing, tourism, ecological park, web celebrity clock place, etc., to provide different living, dining, leisure and entertainment experience for travel.