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        Spark·Guangzhou Difen blue landscape Technology Development Co., Ltd. is an enterprise advocating the collaborative sharing of art, landscape, technology and commerce. It integrates product R & D, production, sales and operation, pays attention to the spiritual construction and sharing of products, refreshes the relationship between people and architecture, people and environment, people and future, and enriches the spatial level by making use of strong aesthetic design advantages, Beautify the image of the environment, so that each exclusive art space products have more freedom and sharing of humanistic atmosphere.

Spark products integrate art and commerce, which not only retains the original flavor of art, but also fully highlights the commercial elements required by customers. Every product we undertake is endowed with vivid personality and market flexibility. It can be used in scenic spots, B & B, resort hotels, villas, commercial complexes, specialty restaurants, coffee shops, outdoor camps, agricultural sightseeing, tourism, ecological parks, wanghong punch in places, etc., providing people with different business, accommodation, catering, leisure and entertainment experiences.

Spark globe is the trademark of this product. Its original intention is the collision of thousands of wisdom and ideas, and the sparks are excited, just like the ring finger of mieba. One ring finger has global power. Headquartered in Hangzhou, the company is responsible for integrating relevant designers from all over the world, designing product concepts that are closely related to the soul and life, and then transferring them to the team of Guangzhou Branch for deepening and production. The company has not only experienced business executives, but also designers with brilliant design career There are not only artists who have been appreciating art for more than ten years, but also many production managers who have a deep understanding of product spirit. It is such an excellent team that makes spark in the forefront of the rapid development of the industry and become an innovator of this boundless industry.

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The company's design team is composed of elite designers from various disciplines

Including: lighting design, home design, interior design, etc. We have a high-quality, skilled, young, professional, innovative team, we are committed to the art, landscape, technology