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Shaper of Private Space in Public Areas-Spark Room Shared Space

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Official announcement: A shared space called Spark Room, creating a private space for the public, covering an area of 5.7 meters, a spherical room 2.5 meters high began to appear in the public view.

The Spark Room space is an urban travel supporting service based on smart hardware and constructed through new technologies such as the Internet of Things and big data. It aims to provide people with ubiquitous private spaces. Generally speaking, when you need a comfortable waiting, business meeting, rest, social entertainment and other immediate needs when you go out, Spark Room can provide you with a space environment that meets the characteristics of your scene.

For example:

If you are in a commercial street, take your wife and children to go shopping, walking for a long time, you will be tired. The child is crying and wants to sleep and does not have to go home. At this time, he can come to the Spark Room and accompany the child into a warm and quiet private space to rest. The wife can still buy and buy as much as he wants without losing time and cost.

When you are in the hospital, you are told that you can only get the film for examination after 6 hours. During this period, you are at a loss and at a loss. At this time, you come to the Spark Room and wait for the film to recuperate with peace of mind.

When you are in a transportation hub, you are on a continuous journey, trance, physically and mentally exhausted, and you can't find a place to rest. Then you can come to the Spark Room and sleep comfortably and safely.

If you are a young person, you can meet, study, entertain, and raise pets in the Spark Room space...

business meeting

Social entertainment

Airport waiting rest

The Spark Room space can be placed in different places, with different built-in facilities, providing services in diversified scenarios, and switching skin customization.

The Spark Room space can not only bring a very convenient user experience to consumers, but also bring great economic effects to advertisers and merchants.

1. Immersive marketing: The eight-sided spatial wall carried by Spark Room can be used to achieve immersive advertising at almost no cost, allowing brands and products to receive high-traffic exposure.

2. Experiential marketing: For example, a merchant who sells eye masks can put his products in the Spark Room for user experience. If users like it, they can scan the code to buy, helping the merchant build a private domain traffic pool.

3. New retail for merchants: Merchants can rent Spark Room space to carry out precise point-to-point promotion activities and new retail to make business more efficient.