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5.7㎡ happy private space

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      In recent years, it is undoubtedly "sharing" to ask what is being normalized at the moment. Shared bicycles, Didi Uber, shared KTV, shared wheelchairs, shared cars, etc., the sharing economy is flooding every corner of our lives.

     On the road of sharing, there are only things you can't think of, nothing can't be done. This is not! Recently, an object that looks like a large "Ferris wheel" was officially announced, and its name is Spark Room Shared Space.

     The Spark Room shared space can be said to be the third space outside the home and company/school. Shopping malls, transportation sites, scenic spots, hospitals, plaza commercial streets, university campuses, neighborhoods, and office buildings are all application scenarios of Spark Room. The Spark Room can be turned into a place for private parties, dating, entertainment, rest, business negotiations, parent-child, etc. in these scenarios.

      For example, after shopping for a day, and you want to rest and relax if you can't walk, you can go to the Spark Room "Ge Youtan".

      Or for a more relaxed business meeting, you can also choose to come to the Spark Room to create a comfortable and private meeting space. The built-in LCD screen presentation device makes the communication more formal and smooth.

      For another example, if you can bring your baby easily, come to the Spark Room mother and baby leisure space. There are a large number of toys and animations for the baby to play and watch. The built-in sofa children's bed makes it more comfortable for you and your baby to take a nap.

     There are also some service content opened in the mall, such as script killing, werewolf killing, board games and so on. According to statistics, the average duration of each order has reached 65 minutes.

     Under the current trend of consumption upgrades, a better experience and more private space in the Spark Room has already formed a demand.

     In the Spark Room, you can not only lie comfortably on the big sofa, enjoy the high-definition smart projection TV, endless WIFI that can be turned on or off, and the endless air conditioner. More importantly, here is the privacy and freedom you want.